D&D Air is now using the latest
revolutionary AC technology!

Meet Fyxify, a new software program that makes your customer service experience faster, easier, and more affordable.

By using this app, you can get your System diagnosis straight from our technicians so you can approve your repairs, review any suggested services, and make payments directly from your device, while also getting guidance on how to save money. 

What our Clients think of Fyxify

Olivier C.
Sarasota, FL
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Fyxify makes it very easy for me to see what is my AC Unit's health and being able to make decisions based it's urgent needs. I can also see my invoices, what has and what hasn't been done on my Air Conditioning Unit.
Annabeth H.
Sarasota, FL
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Fyxify makes it so easy to manage my Air Conditioning at home. I have many things to worry about on a daily basis and i'm glad worrying about my air conditioning unit is no longer one of them. The app tells me what and when I should replace parts and all I have to do Is click to notify a D&D Air professional and they take care of it. very easy.
Enrique T.
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Wow!! I'm amazed with this app. It's one less headache for me.
Now I actually know what is happening with my AC unit and what needs to be done to fix it. For so long I've relied in AC Technicians to tell me what's wrong and many times they were not honest. D&D is the first company that actually makes recommendations I need and it's not just an upsell.

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