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About Trane Air Conditioning AC Units

Founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1885, and finally incorporated in 1913, Trane has over 120 years of experience in the business. Trane are the only manufacturer to offer the patented all-aluminum Spine Fin™ outdoor coil. Their Spine Fin™ outdoor coils provide greater heat-transfer capabilities, thus resulting in higher efficiencies and greater resistance to corrosion than traditional copper/aluminum coils. Their XV20 model is among the highest SEER ratings (cooling efficiency) systems in the industry.

What Makes Trane Air Conditioning Special?

  • Among the most efficient systems available today
  • Continually advancing product & dedicated to R&D
  • “Spine fin” technology which may be better for salty environments like have here
  • Exclusive Climatuff compressors which have very low failure rates.
  • Wide range of variable speed which will lead to the most balanced air conditioning
  • Best in the Industry 12 Year Compressor Warranty. 10 Years Parts.


Exploring Trane Air Conditioning AC Units Features In a Little More Detail

Trane’s Variable Speed Compressor

The Trane TruComfort™ systems give you precise comfort by running at the exact speed needed to keep your home comfortable. This allows the variable speed compressor, outdoor fan, and indoor fan to vary operating speed and BTU as the temperature outside changes, slowing down or speeding up gradually in as little as 1/10 of 1% increments to keep comfort within 1/2° of the thermostat setting.

Trane’s All New Hyperion Air Handler

The all-aluminum coil found in this new line of air handlers is exponentially more durable than standard copper coils, which are susceptible to formicary corrosion. This ensures families stay comfortable indoors all year long, no matter what the weather outside. The double-walled cabinet eliminates the need for exposed insulation and helps prevent energy loss with the use of airtight plugs instead of conventional knockouts. This reduces the air handler’s carbon footprint and provides a cleaner environment.

Why D&D Air Conditioning for Your Trane Air Conditioning Repair or Installation?

All our expert air conditioning repair technicians are:

  • E.P.A. Certified
  • Factory Trained
  • Keep their Trucks Fully Stocked with Parts
  • Available 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year
  • The Sarasota Bradenton Air Conditioning Company Your Neighbors Trust!

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